113 Days Until Christmas

Happy Holidays

When you read the title of this newsletter, did your body just tense up? Did a mental image of the dreaded ‘to do’ list pop up in your mind?  Only113 days until Christmas, kind of takes your breath away little.  Black Friday & Cyber Monday commercials will be here before you know it.  Are you one who waits until the last minute?

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I don’t know about you, but me personally, I find that this is not in the real spirit of Christmas.  It’s not too late to do something remarkably different.  A colorful European Christmas Market is waiting for you!

My first Christmas Market visit was way back in 1985 when I lived in Europe.  It was my first Christmas away from my family and I was terribly homesick.  My mom used to decorate every room, my father would put the lights on the house every year and my sisters would bake up amazing deliciousness, especially Aunt Rose’s cookies. Visiting the Christmas Markets during the holiday season, with the amazing sights, smells and tastes, made me feel like I was “home”.  I’ve been in love with Christmas Markets ever since.

Lovallo Family Christmas, Circa ~1966, Im the baby of the family

A visit to a Christmas market turns back the clock to a simpler time. This is a place where time has stopped. It really does exist! It’s traditional and magical and you can find it at any of the amazing Christmas Markets of Europe.

And there is no better way to do it than on a River Cruise.  Your floating hotel visits several incredible cities in one week. Unpack once, all your delicious meals and beverages are provided for you, even an included tour with each port you enter.

River cruises dock right in the city centers.  Imagine, waking up to a wonderful hearty breakfast and then exploring the city on an included sightseeing tour. Later returning to the ship for a little rest and then checking out the local Christmas Market in the evening with the lights illuminating your way.  I know, you are thinking about the cost.  It is surprisingly affordable. It’s the way you look at it.  It’s a vacation, a Christmas celebration, cultural immersion, 3 delicious meals a day, beverages, and local onboard entertainment.  Most of all, it is an everlasting memory you will never forget.

There is such a place still where time has stopped. It it really does exist. It’s traditional and magical and you can find it at any of the amazing Christmas Markets of Europe.

With a Christmas Market River Cruise, you have the opportunity to visit amazing Christmas markets in Vienna, Saltzburg, Nueremburg.. there are too many to list. You can try Goulash in Hungary, Brats in Germany and sample the famous hot Gluhwein to warm your bones and a chilly night. You can even learn how to make traditional Ginger Bread and get all of your Christmas shopping done in one location with one-of-a kind gifts that did not come from a big box store!

If this sounds like the perfect alternative to the usual pre-Christmas craziness, it may not be too late! There is still limited space available for the 2015 Christmas Market season with most of the preferred River Cruise lines. Let the Fitzgerald Agency help you find the perfect fit!

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