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When you think of a river cruise, what is the first most immediate thought that comes into your head?  My guess is that your first thought was the Viking River Cruise commercial that you recently saw during a commercial break on TV. It played several times and you pictured the beautiful long ship navigating the historical Danube.    Perhaps you have always wanted to travel to Europe and experience one of the amazing rivers and culture but you’re not a fan of the long flight to Europe.


Try America.

You don’t actually have to fly all the way to Europe to experience a river cruise!  You may not even realize it but river cruising is here in our beautiful and diverse country that we call home.  The attraction to experience a USA River cruise is growing in leaps and bounds.  In fact, Viking River Cruise Company is building a special Viking river ship to enter the market in 2016 or 2017. We hear that it will be joining the American Steam Boat Company and American Cruise Line with proposed sailings on the Mississippi.  This is every exciting news.


What many travelers don’t realize is that there are amazing domestic river cruise experiences offered throughout the United States.  Small river boats from 100 passengers to the most glorious paddle wheel boat, the American Queen, carrying 436 passengers.  Not only are there companies sailing the rivers but also the intercostal waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Alaska and the French Canadian Maritimes and coastal North Atlantic.  There are actually so many choices and opportunities. This week, however I am only writing about the river ships.


European River cruising boasts cultural emersion.  Sailing in America offers the same amazing opportunity.   Relive history, celebrate America! It’s right here in our back yard! All of the time enjoying comfort, lecturers, theme cruising, city stays, music, Broadway style shows, and so much more to enhance your experience.


​This week I want to share with you the love I have for the American Queen.  This authentic overnight paddle-wheel steamboat carries 436 cruise passengers. It is a piece of history people!

This experience is like no other on the river. The food is phenomenal, and all your meals are included. This ship has multiple specialty dining options and it is all included.

Complimentary bottled water and soft drinks are included throughout your voyage and to add to that classic experience, complimentary wine and beer served with dinner. Another added value is that your pre-night stay and city shore excursions are at no extra cost.  Mirrors what you receive on a European river cruise so far.

River cruising in America just opens up so many new opportunities. Discover what is already yours!


Onboard the American Queen is the Riverlorian~ yes, sounds funny but since history plays such a huge part of your cruise experience, having a Riverlorian on board imparts the history and the lore of the river on which you are cruising. In addition to the resident Riverlorian, American Steamboat will bring on guest historians who take the stage and transports you into another era.  Key note speakers who offer astounding incites on the culture and heritage of America’s Heartland and the Deep South.

Can you see yourself sitting here, in the picture below, right now in this amazing theatre reliving the tale of Mark Twain? The theatre is actually recreated to resemble the small town opera houses of the 19th century with details modeled after Ford’s Theatre! History everywhere!

When you are not in the theatre listening to the lectures and guest speakers, you can come back and enjoy musical revues and high energy shows by the cast that take center stage nightly.  Performances that are created to bring authentic regional music to life with rich historical context.

Are you worried you might get board on a domestic river ship?  Fear not, after the show, you don’t need to meander back to your cabin because you can dance and swing to performances featuring jazz, blues, ragtime, bluegrass, country and rock music in The Engine Room Bar

Head up to the piano-sing-along in the Main Deck Lounge.   For those who know me, I will be in there singing Piano Man.. loudly and probably off key.  The point is entertainment is abundant on the American Queen.

Maybe you might be worried about comfort & quality on the American Queen.  This paddle wheeler offers 9 different categories to select from and what I find even more wonderful is that American Steam Boat offers two different Single Occupancy cabins for solo travelers.

Above picture is the Deluxe Outside Stateroom With Verandah, beautiful, classic and with warm touches of from home

There is just so much more I could tell you about sailing on America’s Rivers.  The ambiance, the classic design, chock full of history, gracious professionally trained all American staff, comfortable accommodations, a spa and even a gym to stay fit.

If you have run out of ideas about your next vacation, or you have already crossed off everything on your bucket list, start a new bucket list. (Follow #travelthatfitz as well for domestic travel ideas, we are always promoting #domestic travel)

Visit Authentic America and try out everything our rivers have to offer you.  It’s  out there just waiting to be discovered.


Special Note:

My Mom and Dad rocked our yearly summer vacation in the 60’s & 70’s.  Growing up, I remember them packing up the red station wagon for our trek to Missouri to visit relatives. I remember as a child being awstruck by the beautiful nineteenth-century paddle-wheel riverboats docked underneath the Gateway Arch in St Louis.  This place has so many special memories for me.  I wanted to be Becky Thatcher and live on a river ship with Tom Sawyer.  Domestic River Cruising holds a very special place in my heart. 

*In memory of my mother and our great domestic travel adventures we had together


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